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TRON’s New Record: Breaks Up Ethereum For Highest Number of Daily Transactions


  • TRON (TRX) has broken a significant record on November 9th by exceeding Ethereum’s all-time high number of transactions in a single day.
  • The record of 1,349,890 transactions that ETH has been holding since January of this year has been replaced by 1,367,488 that TRON achieved, likely due to its TronDice gambling platform.
  • Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, believes that Ethereum will never break Tron’s new record.

For the better part of its existence, TRON (TRX) has been breaking records, winning partnerships, and announcing breakthroughs. This is something that still hasn’t changed, and TRON has just broken Ethereum’s record for the highest number of daily transactions.

Tron has the lead

This is a record that Ethereum has been holding for over 11 months. It was reached on January 4th, 2018, when ETH hit a daily record number of transactions — 1,349,890. It took TRON 11 months, but yesterday Tron had the lead with 1,367,488 transactions.

Of course, TRON’s charismatic creator, Justin Sun, did not miss this opportunity to point it out adding that “TRON will not only remain a new record-holder but that Ethereum’s transaction volume will never again catch up to that of TRON.”

TronDice is leading the TRX usage

It has already delved deep into the gaming industry with its first-ever gaming dApp, Magic Academy. Not to mention a tremendous success which is its gambling platform named TronDice. The platform allows users to gamble by using TRX and win more tokens. This is likely the project that is responsible for most of TRON’s record-breaking number of transactions.

Recent reports have stated that TronDice platform already breached $200 million worth of winnings, which indicates that the platform is quite popular. If Sun is right, and TRON can keep increasing the number of its daily transactions, it is likely that the project will soon start breaking even its records.

While TRON is still nowhere near Ethereum’s market cap, many believe that it will eventually grow in this aspect as well. For now, TRON continues to hold the rank of 11th largest coins by market cap, with a price of $0.022785 per TRX. While breaking Ethereum’s record is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement for the project, its price has yet to react positively, as it is currently experiencing a 1.13% drop.

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