Verge upgrades its Desktop, iOS, and Android wallets |

Verge upgrades its Desktop, iOS, and Android wallets

Verge upgrades its Desktop, iOS, and Android wallets

For the past couple of weeks, Verge Currency has been upgrading and making changes to its Desktop, iOS, and Android wallets. In a recent press release, the firm has announced the different upgrades that were made.

First of all, the Verge wallet service for the desktop has just been integrated with advantages like faster response time, easy adoption due to global balancing, user-friendly, and better import and export of keys.

In order to have the best user experience, the wallet will automatically store the user’s private keys and mnemonics ( wallet.dat). Once created, both of them are encrypted. The new wallet will require a password to be entered by the user. In case of a shutdown, inactivation, or disconnection, the wallet will automatically be deleted from the system immediately.

This will give the user an easy and friendly experience except for one con which includes malicious programs to run on the user’s wallet, which in turn could access system memory and copy private keys.

The loading on the desktop takes no time, it appears and disappears immediately.

On the iOS wallet, the search mechanisms and stage transitions have been fixed. A new layout has also been fixed for transaction and contact views.

While receiving, the user can now use a QR code to receive the amount from another user. One can set an amount required to the QR code which will automatically have the sender pay this amount. This QR code can also be shared via social media, airdrop, printing, and through the iOS share interface.

In the case of the Android Wallet, the volunteer is still working on it as it has to cover a large variety of phones with different resolutions, speed, and others features. His responsibilities included the addition of a search bar, creating sorting by address, date and amount and making the design more pleasing.

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