Google’s GSuite hacked, Bitcoin [BTC] scam promoted |

Google’s GSuite hacked, Bitcoin [BTC] scam promoted

Google’s GSuite hacked, Bitcoin [BTC] scam promoted

Another Bitcoin scam has been promoted on a prominent Twitter platform. This time, the affected party was Google’s cloud computing software G Suite. The Twitter account of the Google unit was hacked and a fraudulent 10,000 BTC giveaway was promoted, as reported by The Next Web.

G Suite has over 800,000 followers on its Twitter profile, which had the following message promoting the scam:

The estimated time of the tweet has not yet been confirmed, but it was visible on the social media platform for over 11 minutes (as indicated by the picture above). The screenshot was taken by Ernst Mulders at around 2000 UTC on November 13.

Google has not yet issued an official statement about the alleged hack and the promoted Bitcoin scam.

Interestingly, the underlying link in the tweet: “” could be in reference to Tesla Inc, the automotive giant owned by Elon Musk, whose account has also been the target of a Bitcoin scam in the past year. Furthermore, on Tuesday, hackers breached the account of several verified Twitter users, changed their profile names to ‘Elon Musk’ and began promoting the 10,0000 BTC giveaway scam. However, Musk’s original account has not been compromised.

Target, the second largest retail department store in the U.S., was also a victim of the Bitcoin scam. The company confirmed that a tweet from its official Twitter handle was linked to the same BTC giveaway scam, which remained on its feed for an hour.

Twitter has been continuously improving its security protocols to ensure that its users’ accounts are not compromised and its platform is not used to promote any malicious activities.

Retail giants, politicians, government agencies, entrepreneurs, billionaires’ accounts have all been hacked and used to promote Bitcoin giveaway scams in recent times.


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