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Elon Musk impersonators at work again, hack accounts to promote Bitcoin scams

Elon Musk impersonators at work again, hack accounts to promote Bitcoin scams

Elon Musk seems to be a preferred target of impersonators on Twitter and November 5 was another such day that saw a number of accounts being hacked to impersonate Elon Musk with one nearly collecting $170000.

Once the verified accounts were compromised, the impersonators changed the profile name and the picture to pose as the Tesla CEO and came up with giveaways that required users to send some of their own cryptocurrency to the scammer.

However, now these tweets have ventured outside the Elon Musk’s mentions and into timelines. Once the verified account is hacked, the scammers have used the timelines to promote their own tweets using Twitter’s ad service. Twitter has tried hard to put a lid on these type of impersonators, but all their efforts seem to have been of no avail with this latest series of compromised accounts.

On Monday, when the scam came to light. Several users tried to alert the community by posting tweets. One of the most high profile victims of this latest hacking incident was the Democratic state representative for New Jersey’s sixth district, Frank Pallone Jr.

The UK film studio Pathe UK’s Twitter account was also hacked on Monday and was used for fake Elon Musk cryptocurrency offers. Pathe later regained the control of their account and released a tweet saying that they have regained control of their account and everything has been sorted out.

Similarly, Pantheon Books also fell prey to these scamsters and its profile picture has since been deleted.

Speaking to the Business Insider, a Twitter spokesperson said, “Impersonating another individual to deceive users is a clear violation of the Twitter Rules. Twitter has also substantially improved how we tackle cryptocurrency scams on the platform. In recent weeks, user impressions have fallen by a multiple of 10 in recent weeks as we continue to invest in more proactive tools to detect spammy and malicious activity. This is a significant improvement on previous action rates.”

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Twitter account of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk hacked! Promises ‘Free’ Cryptocurrency

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Author: Rakesh Ranjan Parashar
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