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DigiByte [DGB] on a roll as it gets listed on Bitfinex

DigiByte [DGB] on a roll as it gets listed on Bitfinex

DigiByte (DGB) token is up and over 4.66 % at the time of writing as it has been listed on Bitfinex.

Bitfinex made an announcement on their website followed by a tweet regarding the listing of DigiByte on their exchange.

“We are pleased to introduce trading for DigiByte (DGB). Trading will be enabled for DGB against BTC and USD pairs, with margin markets to be introduced following the development of a liquid trading market,” read the announcement.

This was followed by a tweet by Bitfinex.

“We are pleased to announce trading for DigiByte (DGB) against BTC and USD. @DigiByteCoin” tweeted Bitfinex.

DGB will be paired against Bitcoin (BTC) and US Dollar (USD). Currently, one DGB equals $0.021762 USD and 0.00000341 BTC.

DigiByte mainly focuses on cybersecurity for digital payments and decentralized applications. With a combination of innovation and resilience, the blockchain platform works on developing a secure and decentralized digital future.

According to a report by BC Focus last month, Jared Tate, Founder of DigiByte (DGB) took to Twitter the ill fate of his currency not being listed on Binance due to its strict listing requirements on the exchange. This, in turn, led to DigiByte refusing to pay the listing fee of the exchange.

“1/8 It’s time to set the binance record straight and let the world know the truth. The binance – DGB story starts with us refusing to pay the “listing fee” last summer/fall. And continuing to refuse to ever pay it for the last 12 months,” tweeted Tate.

In another development last month, Bitcoin price was said to be manipulated by Bitfinex. The blame was put upon both Bitfinex and Tether Limited for Bitcoin manipulations using Tether token. According to a BC Focus report, the Tether debacle caused a huge sell-off for USDT coins against BTC which eventually caused an increase in the price of Bitcoin on the exchange for which Bitfinex was the alleged cause for the price rise and was suspected for possible Bitcoin price manipulation.

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