Changpeng Zhao praises “Bitcoin only” Hublot watches |

Changpeng Zhao praises “Bitcoin only” Hublot watches

Changpeng Zhao praises “Bitcoin only” Hublot watches

Changpeng Zhao, CEO, Binance was all praises for the “Bitcoin only” watches introduced by Hublot that costs $25,000.

The new watch is a crypto watch called “The Big Bang Meca – 10 P2P” and it has Bitcoin designs inside of it.

CZ praised the brand by calling it “a real watch company.”

The watch was launched as a part of the 10th year anniversary of Bitcoin. Zhao expressed interest in a $Bnb customized watch too.

“There, a real watch company! If they weren’t all sold out, I would be tempted to support the cause. Now I will patiently wait 9 years for the $bnb anniversary model,” tweeted Zhao.

According to Hublot’s tweet, the watch will be limited edition as the company will be manufacturing only 210 watches.

“Hublot’s Newest Watch is $25,000, and You Can Only Pay With Bitcoin. Only 210 watches will be made.  $25k each and has Bitcoin designs inside the watch,” tweeted Tommy Mustache, a crypto enthusiast.

The Binance CEO further advised brands to follow a crypto-only market as people purchasing with fiat currency limits the traders to purchase products.

“If you target a niche market in only one fiat currency, you unnecessarily limit your market size.  While you can target the same niche, in crypto, you get 180 countries at the same time.  180x!  Easy decision,” Zhao further tweeted.

The 210 watches produced also reminds customers that there are only 21 million Bitcoins existing. Though the company at the moment has no idea about unveiling crypto-customized watches in future, the company will use crypto related items in its aesthetics.

Similarly, HTC smartphones have implemented “Ethereum only” medium for their latest flagship called “Exodus 1”.

This phone will cost 4.58 ETH ($960) and will come with an inbuilt crypto wallet.

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